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Dr. Angela Carter offers Naturopathic primary care to people of all ages and all different family types. She enjoys serving the transgender community, and provides hormone therapy to those seeking transition.

Some of the services she offers as part of a holistic care package include:

Naturopathic Primary Care

Your Health Goals are of utmost importance at Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine, as are your autonomy and your unique needs. Dr. Carter offers herself first and foremost as an educator to help you learn how to better manage your health over the long term.

New patient visits are scheduled for 60-90 minutes.

Follow up visits are approximately 45 minutes in length.

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Natural Childbirth, Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Dr. Carter offers a full range of pregnancy and birth related services, as well as full-life whole-family care. Midwifery services cover many of the needs of a person as they go through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Midwives generally offer annual gynecological exams, family planning and preconception care, prenatal care, labor and delivery support, newborn care, and menopausal management. They also provide reproductive education in fertility, nutrition and exercise, contraception, pregnancy health, breastfeeding, and quality infant care.

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What are the benefits of using a Naturopathic Midwife?

Dr. Carter strives to make the pregnancy and birth process a beautiful and empowering experience for the entire family. She trusts in the strength and ability of the body to rise to the challenge of this miraculous natural process, and strives to allow nature to do its work with her support. She also has her mind fixed keenly on safety and health, and supplies many of the vital life support options available if the occasion arrises.

Most people choose midwifery care because it offers the opportunity to have a birth as naturally as possible, and offers the benefit of having your baby in the comfort of your home.

Multiple studies show that births with a midwife offer:

People who choose home birth report appreciating the freedom to move around and choose the most comfortable position at any given time, the comfort of being at home where they feel safe and secure, and the comfort of being with family and friends as they choose.

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What is a Water Birth?

One of the many options Dr. Carter offers is Water birth, or labor and delivery in a sterile birth tub.

Water birth offers many comforts including:

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Pediatric Care

Your child's health experiences in their first few years are instrumental in creating and sustaining life-long health. A baby's health even before they are born can effect their grandchildren's health. Dr. Angela offers preventative and acute care to infants and children including well baby care, vaccinations, baby's first foods recommendations, eczema and allergy care, and much more.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Dr. Angela offers well women’s care from menarchy, to fertility, to menopause.  She offers hormone replacement therapy, and multiple birth control options.  Also offered are Men’s health and wellness check-ups, as well as support for sexual function and Andropause.  She is also happy to offer sexual and reproductive care for a wide variety of other genders and body types. 

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Transgender Health Care

Dr. Angela has undertaken years of study to understand and support the specific health needs of the transgender communities. She offers hormone therapy, consultation and referral for surgical procedures, and general health monitoring and care to transgender individuals and their families.

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Minor Surgery

Dr. Angela is licensed to perform minor surgeries such as laceration repair, mole removals, or lipoma and cyst removals. She offers herbal preparations to optimize healing after procedures.

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IV Nutrient Therapy

Dr. Angela offers a full range of nutrient supplementation options from B-12 shots to carefully constructed super-nutrient cocktails for immune support, autoimmune diseases, cancer support, and many other chronic and acute conditions.

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Physical Medicine and Injury Management

Dr. Angela has worked as a massage therapist for many years and has a keen sense of the musculoskeletal system. She offers pain and injury management with a combination Myofascial release, naturopathic manipulation techniques, craniosacral therapy, as well as a combination of supplemental nutrients to strengthen the body.

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Now accepting patients for pediatric, sexual and reproductive health, chronic, acute, and prenatal care.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathy is the system of medicine wherein we believe that the body has a strong and innate ability to heal and maintain its self.

Dr. Angela Carter, N.D. • (503) 719-5000 • 2100 NE Broadway, Suite 225, Portland, Oregon